Sometimes it is nice to switch things up. Rearranging the furniture, organizing your cupboards, or choosing random selections on your music apps can satiate that need for change. Another way to scratch that itch is to spruce up your internal doors, either with a slight makeover or a radical change for a more drastic effect. Thankfully, many of these projects take only some motivation, a few pounds, and some elbow grease. Here are 12 ways to improve your internal doors to give your place a fresh look and an exciting feel.


Maria from Doors Galore said “One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve your interior doors is to paint them!” With an almost limitless supply of colours, you can match any colour scheme and have the job done in less than a day.

  • Full Paint Job

This is changing your door colour completely. Find the appropriate colour of paint and make sure that you have the right paint for the job. Talk to the paint professional when you buy the paint to ensure you are getting the right type of paint (interior vs exterior, plastic vs wood, etc.)

  • Stain

For a wood door, sometimes staining can create the same effect and still show the beautiful grain of the wood. This may take some sanding but when the project is complete, you can have a striking new interior door to enjoy.


If you have blank panel doors in your home, you may find yourself wanting to see a bit more texture and detail. This can be done at home, without buying a new door if you have some DIY experience.

  • Moulding

Mouldings can be purchased from a local hardware store and installed to create an extra layer of depth to your interior doors.

  • Panels

If you want to create a panelled door look, this can also be accomplished with some plywood, some finishing nails and paint. You can go from flat and boring to panelled and exciting in the space of one project.


Regular hinged doors are functional and can be beautiful but you may want something a little more modern, edgier or simply more fun. What can you do to improve your interior doors in this way?

  • Barn Door

The barn door transition is a beautiful one to make if you have the wall space. By changing the hardware and the position of the door you can take a functional part of your home and turn it into a central talking point for visiting guests.

  • Dutch Door

Dutch doors are similar toactual barn doors that are split in the centre and can be opened on the top or the bottom. Granted, this type of improvement will take much more work and time but for those that want the added use of top and bottom opening doors, this could be the door for you.

  • Pocket Door

This improvement is also significantly more time and cost-intensive but can make a great change if you have a small space that would be better served without a door swinging into it.

  • Saloon Door

Occasionally, the circumstances of your life change and what once served you well is no longer helpful. If you have a new need, changing the functionality of your door from a regular door to a saloon door can give you easy access to another room while still providing a level of separation and privacy.


Accents can go a long way when it comes to improving your interior doors. These fixes are often inexpensive, easy to do and can make a noticeable difference in the look of your doors. What are these changes?

  • Hardware (changing a doorknob can entirely change the look of a door)
  • Mirrors (adding mirrors to a door is both a functional and aesthetic change)
  • Wallpaper (applying wallpaper is sometimes easier than painting and can be less permanent)
  • Stencils (stencils are fun, customizable, and personal ways of transforming your internal doors)

Your Internal Doors Can Change as You Do

Your level of creativity is the only limit when it comes to improving your internal doors. Take some time and come up with a few ideas that could drastically improve your doors, choose the best one and get started!