As the New Year enters the life of people it will also lead to changes in the house. As the year changes there will be some changes in the house that will lead to an attractive look. If you have finally decided to renovate the house, it’s time to get details on the mdf architrave that can be added to make the house look attractive.

Different Styles of Architraves

 It will work as an inspiration for you that will finally add an attractive style to the space. The styles that are in the current time have been added with time slowly and gradually. Let’s have a look at some of the styles of mdf architrave that you can add to the house to have a pleasing look.


If you love to use the option that will add a little border to the area and make the interior a beautiful one then going for the maximalism will be a great deal. The style of the architrave must-have features like bright colors, wild patterns, and a space that is full of characters.

The use of this option is increasing among people as more and more people are shifting to its use in the future time. A person can easily arrange the style as it is available in the market. You need to be careful in choosing the color, go for the one that will make the place attractive.


With time the option and the style of the retro are also increasing in demand. If you love the colors that include hues of yellow then the retro option will be the best one. People who are fans of the warmer color can also choose it for the styling of the house.

At the initial stage of the renovation, you can even choose to make the changes in the specific room rather than the complete house in that case also the retro will work out for you. Even the style includes the use of both the traditional and modern features that are a must option.

Dark Minimalist

If you are planning to say bye to the plain and white interior color then going for the dark minimalist will work out to be a good option. The place in which the style will be added will turn out to be a favorable option.

All you must know is to gather complete detail on the available options and work with productive results. Colors like dark green and black will make the situation a far better option for you. You need to be clear in advance to reach the desired rate.

How to Choose Style?

Not only gathering the detail on the type of style will work you should also have a basic idea as to how to choose the style. There are some common factors that will help in the decision:

  • Funds that you are planning to invest
  • The design of the house
  • What will be the best contrast

If the decision of the style will be taken properly the overall look of the house will get better. You will be able to get good outcomes.