A shower is an indispensable part of modern-day bathrooms. Although these showers and shower heads are available in different styles, sizes and designs, many people prefer installing a rain shower head. It adds a touch of class and elegance and enhances your bathroom décor beyond your imagination.

What is a bathroom rain shower head?

The rain shower head is a device that dispenses water. The water trickles down just like rainfall. These shower heads create a calm and soothing vibe and allow you to enjoy a relaxing bath. A bathroom rain shower head can be mounted on the ceiling or the side walls as per your preference, bathroom layout and space availability.

If you wish to install a ceiling-mounted bathroom rain shower head, it will be recessed against the ceiling. Installing the wall-mounted rain shower head is much easier as it is fixed to the wall using a shower arm.

Important things to consider while buying a bathroom rain shower head

Shape and size

Rain shower heads come in different sizes. You must choose the right size based on how big or small your bathroom is. If you have a smaller or compact bathroom, choosing a round or square-shaped rain shower head is better. If you have the luxury of space in the bathroom, you can select a rectangular shower head.

Generally, rain shower heads come in four standard sizes, i.e., 8,10,12 and 16 inches. These sizes are suitable for small to medium-sized bathrooms. You can choose a rain shower head of 32 or 40 inches for larger bathrooms.

Water pressure

The pressure of the rainfall is inversely proportional to the size of the shower head. If the shower head is small, you get water pressure at the optimum pressure, and vice-versa. Hence, while buying a bathroom rain shower head, you must decide if you want a larger shower head with low water pressure or a smaller one with high pressure.

The primary objective of a rain shower is to enjoy a relaxing and soothing bath. You can get the desired result with low water pressure. Hence, it is better to go with the maximum size shower head that suits your bathroom.

Installation type

Rain shower heads can be installed in two ways – on the ceiling or the wall. A wall-mounted shower head has a shower arm that connects the head to the wall.

In contrast, a ceiling-mounted rain shower head is recessed against the ceiling. This setup makes your bathroom look spacious and is suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Material type

Rain shower heads are usually made of plastic or metal. Both materials have their pros and cons. A plastic shower head is inexpensive and can be a good option if you are on a tight budget. However, these types of shower heads tend to develop cracks easily and are not long-lasting.

Metal rain shower heads are robust, sturdy and highly durable. Metals like brass, copper, and stainless steel have a high capacity to withstand heat. You can enjoy a hot rain shower daily without worrying about regular maintenance or replacement costs.

Final Word

Now you know what a rain shower head is and the factors to consider while buying one, do your due diligence and get the most suitable rain shower head for your home.