Every home needs a trustworthy and reliable plumber like https://jbplumb.com/. However, finding one remains a problem and a nightmare.

It is no longer as simple as looking up someone in the Yellow Pages. Although the internet does offer convenience, it can also be a minefield of cowboys and charlatans who are happy to take the money, but not that enthusiastic about fixing your plumbing.

So, how do you find the best plumber in your area?

  1. Word of Mouth

This is probably the most trustworthy way to find a reliable plumber. You can ask your local family and friends as well as your neighbor. You know that they are not going to recommend some frauds that ripped them off and only did substandard work.

They will tell you the truth— this one or that guy fixed this or did that, charging me this much. Word of mouth is an excellent way to find a trustworthy plumber you can partner with.

  1. Ask Your Insurance Provider

In addition, if you already have a list of possible plumbers in your area but unsure of which to choose, then you can just ask your insurance provider. You can do this even if they’re not paying for the work. Most insurance companies will have agreements with reputable local plumbers.

Not only can you benefit from the review process that your insurance provider has performed on these plumbers, but they might also give you a price break based on their relationship.

  1. Online Local Plumber Search

Probably the easiest way to do a local plumber search is through the Internet. You can Google “plumber near me” and that search will definitely bring up a bunch of plumbers in your area. Make sure to check the top 3 plumbers first by going to their website and have a look at what they are about.

Ask yourself some questions and look for the answers on their website:

  • Do they offer free estimates?
  • Are they insured and licensed?
  • Who does the work?
  • How long have they been in the plumbing business?
  • Do they offer finance?
  • Are their works warrantied?
  • Do they work 24/7?

After that, make sure to check out the reviews of their previous customers from rating and review sites like Google, Yelp or Angie’s List. This should give you enough insight into whether the company is trustworthy and reliable or not.

When you have peace of mind you’ve found a plumber Melbourne residents can trust, put them on speed dial for easy access next time you have a leaky pipe or blockage.