According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, wood flooring has a classic appeal that adds a sense of warmth, style, and character to every home. Plus, you can choose from several different types of wood flooring options that offer a variety of benefits and elegance to your house.

The Details

Here are a few reasons why wood flooring adds to the elegance of your home:

  1. They add to the value of your home – Traditional hardwood flooring made from high-quality wood helps to improve the value of your home unlike other types of flooring such as carpet or tiles. It is one of the reasons why people prefer to install wood flooring when they want to sell their house in the future.

Hardwood flooring retains its colour for a long period with proper maintenance and care. Since they don’t fade easily, they retain their luxurious look. It offers an ageless decor aesthetic that fits with a plethora of decor styles. Unlike other flooring options such as linoleum, carpet, or tile patterns, they evoke a timeless appeal that makes them a great investment.

  1. They can be refinished – No matter the type of flooring you have, it will sustain damage over time due to regular use. Wood flooring is no exception, and it can develop scratches when exposed to certain conditions. However, a part of the appeal of hardwood flooring is that there is no need to replace them unlike carpet or tile flooring since you can restore or refinish it.

In fact, you can refinish the wood flooring by sanding the colour off and restaining them if you don’t like the colour. Since there is no need to replace them, you can save a lot of money on material and installation costs.

  1. They are easy to clean and maintain – Modern wood flooring is easy to clean and maintain and you can keep it in good condition if you perform a weekly swap to remove dirt, dust, and debris. High-quality hardwood flooring is resistant to liquid spills, and you can simply brush it or wipe it away immediately.

The best part is that they are suitable for people who suffer from allergies or have pets at home since wood flooring doesn’t harbour parasites such as ticks, fleas, dust mites, or even allergen-producing spores. As a result, they don’t release any unpleasant odours either.

  1. They are strong and durable – High-quality hardwood flooring is one of the most durable flooring options available. Yes, it is possible for them to develop scratches over time or even get dented under certain circumstances, but you can easily refinish them to restore their look without replacing the whole flooring.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests you carefully consider your wood flooring option since they come in a variety of shapes, plank sizes, and wood materials. For instance, you can choose from Mahogany, Pine, Oak, Cherry, Teak, Cypress, Hickory, Cedar, Walnut, and more. Your choice should depend on your requirements, preferences, and your budget.