According to Mark Roemer Oakland, most people tend to underestimate the importance of hiring experienced interior designers when moving to a new home. Although it is not necessary to hire an interior designer to decorate your home, they can help you make the most of your living space and ensure many other benefits.

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons to hire an interior designer:

  1. They can help you save time – A well-designed interior space can help to create a very good first impression. However, without the correct knowledge and years of expertise, it can become a challenge to figure out how to choose the different design elements such as the layout of the furniture in the space, the color, artwork, and theme to allow them to work cohesively. Not to mention, you have to balance beauty with form and functionality.

By hiring a professional interior designer, you can delegate the task to them and work on more important tasks that would help to keep your sanity intact and enjoy better results.

  1. They can help you save money – An interior designer would be able to guide you when purchasing new furniture for your house and help you save a lot of money in the long term. They can recommend retailers that offer good quality furniture and even help you get discounts through their recommendations if you work with them.

Plus, due to their expertise and knowledge, they would be able to recommend lighting, carpeting, paint, fixtures, furniture designs, and more that best suit your budget and also offer the best functionality in your home. This would reduce the need to replace and return new furniture that would cost money.

  1. They help to ease the workload – Interior designers can help ease the workload by offering many additional services such as budgeting for the whole decoration in your house, offering advice and expert recommendations, collaborating with you to create the best results, and more.

When you hire an interior designer, you don’t just hire an extra set of eyes; you hire their training and expertise. They focus on the minutest detail to create the perfect balance of style, beauty, and functionality.

  1. They would fulfill your vision in the best possible way – Sometimes, you only have a fragment of an idea inside your head, but you can struggle to turn that into a full-blown decor style. For instance, you might want to decorate the different rooms of your house so that they feel more spacious or require as little maintenance as possible. Some people value safety and functionality over decor and style.

Whatever your requirements may be, an expert interior designer can communicate with you effortlessly to turn your vision and idea into reality.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you hire an interior designer if you are planning to sell your home in the future or rent it out. A beautifully designed home can improve the resale value of your home and allow you to charge extra for rentals due to the virtue of the beauty and functionality of the decor style.