Termites can eat into your home – Period. These nasty pests are found all over the US, and they have caused damage to hundreds of properties. Termites thrive on wood, warm temperature and moisture, and this is the precise reason why these insects are most active during spring and summer. If termites eat into the wood components of your home, it can lead to massive structural damage, and repairs can burn a hole in your pocket. A preventive and better alternative to that is annual inspections. There are pest control companies that specialize in termite real estate inspections, and you can expect to get assistance from the best professionals in business.

What to expect from termite inspections?

Professionals looking for signs of termites will do a complete check of your home. This starts with checking the yard, wooden components, and under-structure of the property. The common signs of termite infestation include mud tubes, shed wings, hollowed wood, creaky wood sounds, and finding termites in plaint sight. Pest control experts will also use moisture meters to find more on Wood Moisture Content. If the moisture content is above 16%, it might be sign of termite and fungus presence. Once the signs have been established, the pest control company will recommend a remediation plan.

How frequently should I get my home checked?

Termite inspections should be done at least once in a year. This is particularly important for homes that are old and rely more on wooden structural components. If you have had an experience with termite infestation in the last few years, you can choose to schedule these inspections more frequently. Many termite moisture inspectors in Smithfield would be happy to offer a yearly contract for the same.

Working with a pest control company

Annual inspects will prevent the need for extensive remediation and pest control, but if there is case of infestation, consider seeking help right away. Do not delay the termite control process, because these pests can multiply sooner than you imagine. Pest control companies will offer an estimate after an inspection, and you just need to check if the price is transparent and as per market standards. Also, ask them how quickly they can get the termite removal and cleanup done, so that you can get additional repairs done, if required.

Annual inspections and keeping an eye on the signs are the best means for keeping termites away from your home.