The following procedure is ideal for reapplying jackets to have an already finished floor or applying finish to a new floor. When finishing a completely new floor always keep to the manufacturers techniques for prepping the floor. It is advisable to consult the flooring manufacturer on the sorts of finishes that suit your floor. When finishing any floor it’s suggested that you simply utilize a great floor finish that’s correctly matched for the flooring. Our online floor finishing procedures will be the general guidelines for finishing the floor. Nowadays floor finish is among the most choice to traditional waxes. Floor finish can offer the floor a great extended lasting shine without any problems of conventional waxes.


Make sure that the ground remains ready for finishing. Clean the floor removing as much debris and dirt as you can. Once the floor has more than 5 jackets of finish we advise stripping the floor first. Lots of layers of finish can dull the floor. As time passes floor finish can yellow colored, if you see any yellowing on the floor we recommend that you simply strip the floor first.

Following a floor remains prepared, vacuum or mop the floor to eliminate any dust. It’s suggested that you simply spray your mop with mop treatment to eliminate as much dust as you can. Ensure to eliminate anything stuck for the floor, something which is on the floor if you finish it’s part of the floor finish and you will have to strip your floor and begin again.

Ensure the ground are you currently presently are finishing does not and will not have traffic moving through it-not under 12 – 24 hrs with regards to the type of finish the are using (see floor finish manufacturers specifications for stopping and drying time). Use indicators to make sure the location what your location is finishing is marked out to make sure that everyone understands the location.

Finishing the floor requires using two mop buckets. One bucket will be familiar with keep the finish mop moist but another will be familiar with make use of the floor finish. Line the floor finish bucket getting a apparent trash can liner so that you can eliminate the final outcome easily following a job is completed.

Fill one mop bucket 1/2 in position with water as well as the lined mop bucket 1/4 full with floor finish. Dip your finish mop to the water bucket and wring prior to the mop is moist and water does not drip within the finish. Next, dip the moist mop to the floor finish and wring prior to the finish mop does not drip.

The simplest way to finish floors is always to divide the floor into sections to make certain the even volume of floor finish can be used everywhere. Begin to use the ground finish within the farthest corner within the entrance. Apply floor finish for the baseboard area first (a block applicator might be a helpful gadget with this particular job) working in the corner. Ensure the floor finish is going on for the floor in the thin even coat.

After you have applied floor finish for the baseboard go to outdoors parts of the floor. Gradually slowly move the mop mind in the figure eight motion overlapping mopping sections with a good inch.

After you have applied the final outcome evenly for the entire area, permit the floor dry. The floor may need to look glossy with no elevated areas or drip marks. Keep to the floor finish manufacturers techniques for drying time. With regards to the floor finish you might wish to apply several coat of floor finish, if that is the situation, permit the floor dry among jackets. You may also desire to buff the floor among jackets therefore the second coat adheres simpler to the initial coat.

To help keep the completely new appearance from the ground finish you’ll be able to burnish getting a burnishing floor pad, again start to see the manufacturers techniques for maintenance inside your floor.