More people are realizing the importance of renewable sources of power today, and wind energy is one of them. While you may be aware of its basics, you may take interest in knowing a few amazing facts about wind energy to back your decision of switching to a renewable power source. And when you take that decision, don’t forget to contact a reliable agency like Sunrise Power and Gas to help you out without costing a fortune.

Let’s get back to those facts now. 

It will cut down greenhouse gas emissions by 12.3 gigatonnes

According to the researches, wind energy will cut down CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions by 12.3 gigatonnes by 2050. They will also save about 260 billion gallons of water within the mentioned timeframe. Even if you haven’t thought of using wind energy for your power needs yet, these findings will generate a response for sure.

It’s way cheaper than non-renewable sources of energy

Any form of clean energy is cheaper than conventional, non-renewable sources of power. Except for the initial investment, you don’t have to drain your wallets every month to pay the utility bills. In some states, the costs of wind energy are as low as 2 cents per KWH.

The US is leading the way in wind energy consumption

The US is one of the largest consumers of wind energy in the world right now. There’s not a speck of doubt that wind energy is supporting the current US economy to a great extent. From the small-scale wind farms to the first offshore wind project in the US, the country is successfully paving a path for others to follow.

The wind farms are meant to last for years

The wind farms, especially the offshore ones, are meant to last as long as 25 years or more. They are built to withstand tough weather and other adverse conditions over the years. This is because the steel base of the turbines is deeply embedded into the sea bed, on which other sections are stacked to build the tower. Further, the electric cables are made to run along the sea bed to the shore, where they are connected to the grid and the transformer.

The wind farms can help marine life grow

The solid bases of the turbines under the sea form ‘artificial reefs’ and act as a shelter to many crustaceans and shellfishes, allowing them to breed freely and stay protected from trawlers. The seals may flock to the base of the turbines and feed on the crustaceans, thus maintaining the food cycle.

Are you aware of any other interesting facts about wind energy? If yes, don’t hesitate to put in down in the comments section below.