When you plan on getting an aviary and locating it in your garden, there are various factors you will need to consider and ensure you provide a suitable environment for the birds. Ensuring that you think about everything needed can help ensure that you are fully prepared to own birds and have everything they need to live happily in your home. Below are some things to help you prepare your home to receive the birds and select the best aviary for them that suits your garden perfectly.

What Birds Will You Keep?

One of the first things you will need to think about is the type of birds you want to keep in your aviary. There may be one species of bird you want to keep, such as lovebirds or canaries, or you may want to mix it up and have a few species living together. You will need to do your research and ensure the breeds you want to keep are compatible and can live together easily in an aviary if you have more than one type of bird.

How Many Birds Will You Keep?

You will also need to consider how many birds you want to keep in your aviary and ensure enough room for them all to live comfortably. When you know how many birds you plan to keep in your aviary, you can start looking at the various aviary options you can buy or consider making one yourself.

Look At The Options Online

When you search for a bird aviary for sale, you will see many options available online, and the aviaries come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. They can look similar to a regular garden shed or be more elaborate, depending on the style and design you want. You will want to choose one that is an appropriate size and is made from durable material and can help keep predators such as cats and foxes out of the aviary. Once you have selected the design and size of the aviary for your garden, you can order it and get ready to assemble it in your garden.

The Best Place To Put Your Aviary

You will want to place the aviary in your garden facing south, which will mean the birds get plenty of sunshine. You will want to avoid putting the aviary too close to a tree, making it easier for predators to attack the birds, and trees will also reduce the sunlight that the birds get. However, you will also need to protect the birds from the elements, so they do not get too much rain or wind when the weather is bad. Once you have chosen the best spot for your aviary, you will need to prepare it and get t ready for when it arrives.

Build The Foundation

Although the weight of an aviary is not usually very much, you will still want to make a suitable foundation for it, so it sits on a flat surface. You can do a simple concrete slab, which does not have to be too big, or use some sand and paving slabs to make a suitable foundation. Once complete, you are ready to erect your aviary and get it ready for when the birds arrive, so they have somewhere safe and comfortable to live.