French door refrigerators have become the most popular refrigerator design on the market today. Manufacturers have perfected the design to produce more dependable models with prices that compete with less expensive top-freezer models. Also, French door models have caught up with top-freezer models in terms of energy efficiency. Sure, you will pay a premium for the French door design; however, as the price gap shrinks, the upgrade tends to become more worth it in the eyes of consumers. Here’s why French door refrigerators like LFNS22520S is quite popular:

They Have Smart Design

French door refrigerators are designed to let you access items without straining your back. They are centred at chest height to ensure everything in the fridge is at arm’s reach. The freezer door on the bottom features slide-out racks. You might access the freezer less; however, it will be easier to organise.

They Save Energy

Whenever you open your fridge, cold air escapes while you look for the items you want. Your refrigerator churns through energy to cool itself back down to optimal temperature. Because you own just one door, you can keep half of the fridge compartment closed while you get something inside the fridge, limiting cold air spill. This results in the French door fridge using less energy when maintaining its internal temperature.

They Look Elegant

A French door refrigerator boasts an elegant beauty that it can alone add the much-needed sophistication to your contemporary kitchen. It is a piece of art in itself that lights up your kitchen’s entire look effortlessly. Some French door refrigerators are also equipped with external digital temperature controls, door alarm, door bins, a serving drawer, LED lighting, and an indoor TV. These features give the fridge an elegant industrial look.

They Allow for Easy Storage

In the majority of fridges, it is hard to storge a big pizza box or a huge bowl of desserts. Also, models that have a swinging door freezer are not great for stacking frozen food such as vegetables because they tend to topple. But, the French style has a vast connected space. Thus, you will have complete access to the fridge’s full width where even storing a platter is possible. Aside from this, you can re-arrange the shelves as per your space requirement. Moreover, a French fridge has a deep freezer that lets you keep the most frequently used frozen items on top and the less used ones at the bottom.