Ideally, air conditioning systems should be checked by professional technicians once every six months. Unfortunately, homeowners often ignore maintenance and servicing needs, only to deal with expensive repairs later. In this post, we are discussing more about when to get an air conditioning check, when to call experts and some of the common AC problems.

Why spend on AC maintenance?

Air conditioners are designed to work all through the day, but extensive use can impact functioning over a period of time. From cleaning the core units, to replacing filters and maintenance of duct work, professionals can keep your ACs in perfect condition. If you are wondering whether you should spend on AC maintenance, keep in mind that repairs can be expensive. Also, you wouldn’t need to think of replacement for at least a considerable period of time.

What are the common AC problems?

If your air conditioning system is not working to its potential, you may see a bunch of problems, such as –

  • Increase in energy bills
  • Strange sounds from the unit
  • Unusual odor in the house
  • Ineffective cooling
  • Increase in allergies, coughing and sneezing

Not many homeowners realize that air conditioning systems are responsible for maintaining air quality to a large extent. If the duct work is dirty, or there are no media filters installed, various contaminants in the air can cause health problems. This is more of a concern when you have kids, pets or older parents at home.

Calling air conditioner experts

HVAC contractors should be contacted immediately after you notice the first air conditioning issues. Early repairs don’t have to cost as much, and you can get assured professional help on further preventing breakdowns. Make sure that you have a yearly maintenance contract for your home. The technicians will come every other month, or as per the terms, to check all air conditioning systems and fix any problem as required.

Replacing air conditioning systems

Unless your ACs are over a decade old, or there are too many breakdowns, you don’t have to worry about replacement right away. Just hire the right HVAC contractor, and they can guide you on how to do better with maintenance and repairs of air conditioning systems.

If you need to do repairs, or new installation, always get an estimate in advance. Select a local air conditioning company that has good reviews, is licensed, insured and has its own team of trained technicians.