Most of us have our concerns about air pollution. In fact, many people wear N95 masks whenever they step out. Have you considered the concern of indoor air pollution? If you have pets, seniors, and kids at home, you have to be very careful with indoor air quality, and it is best to call the professionals periodically to do a check. Beyond air quality testing in your home, HVAC companies can also guide and advice on various steps that can help in preventing and reducing pollutants within the house.

Factors that impact indoor air quality

Even when HVAC systems are working at optimal capacity, indoor air can be affected. Pet dander, mold, mildew, combustion of certain oils and products, dust, and airborne particles can impact indoor air. There are a few tell-a-tale signs that your home environment and indoor air is not as safe and clean as you believe – frequent allergies, kids and senior parents falling sick time and often, headaches, nausea, and signs of mold. Pet dander, no matter how frequently you clean the floors, can be a major cause of allergies.

Calling the professionals

There are HVAC companies that can help with air quality testing, and they rely on various tools and products for the same. If they find signs of pollutants, they may take preventive steps, like cleaning the airducts and replacing the air filters of your HVAC units. In some cases, additional media filters and products like air purifiers can be installed, especially for homes where there are people with breathing issues or concerns like asthma and allergies.

Products to invest

Once air quality testing has been done, HVAC professionals can recommend a few additional products to maintain indoor environment. Depending on the local weather and other factors, a humidifier, or a dehumidifier, can be installed, which will ensure that the climate is maintained optimally. Dehumidifiers are particularly useful in some regions, where excess humidity can lead to growth of microorganisms and mold. In some homes, UV lights can be installed close to the coils of HVAC units, which can kill mold, bacterial and other organisms.

Final word

If you are still not paying enough attention to indoor air quality, you are compromising on the health of your family. Call a professional HVAC company and ask them to do a complete check of all heating & cooling units, and if required, invest in additional indoor air quality products.