Whether you have a disability or just want to add a bit of luxury to your space, there is no doubt that a lift can provide something completely unique.

Especially for those who have trouble getting up and down the stairs, a home lift can provide the elderly and disabled with greater access to their homes when it may have been inaccessible otherwise. That can allow for greater independence for those people, even keeping them out of assisted care homes that not everyone wants to wind up in.

Lift Features

The best thing about these lifts is that they have no pit, no machine room, and actually save space while providing easier access to additional floors throughout a home. All of this with a beautiful, modern appearance that looks elegant and luxurious.

With a 360-degree panoramic view of the glass shaft, it carries a small footprint with a huge interior space. Best of all, it can be installed just about anywhere, which makes it perfect for the middle of the staircase.

It can also be constructed to have the doors open in any way, allowing for maximum comfort and ease of use regardless of where it is installed. That provides ease of use that is unmatched for those with disabilities or impairments.

Self-Contained Lifts

These lifts are not only self-contained, they come with a number of features that make them easily adaptable to the configuration of any home and can match any décor and design motif. With a small footprint, it means that they won’t take up much area in any home or structure while still providing the same easy, convenient access for the elderly and disabled that have trouble using the stairs.

With the option of glass or steel exteriors, they can be configured to blend in with any décor or architecture. Best of all, only minimal changes need to be made to accommodate the lifts when it comes to the existing building.

These lifts are also eco-friendly, with a low consumption of electrical power and it is virtually maintenance free with just two scheduled visits annually. With a huge array of sizing, models, and options, customization is easier than ever and creating the ultimate mix to match preferences has never been easier.

For those with mobility challenges, a home lift can make life easier than ever and maintain that sense of independence.