Brown leather couch

Buying any piece of furniture is an easy task as once you set your mind to it, it is done. You know what to buy, the type and color. But the arduous task begins after the purchase, especially if you have a brown leather couch at home or an office. The usual process is to dust it regularly, but that might not give the desired result, and the couch will become weary with time. To preserve its originality, you need to take a few steps to ensure that you are caring for it in the right way.

So how do you take care of and maintain a leather couch? It is not like the usual fabrics; hence there are several alternative processes to do the task. Some of the steps are given below for your ease to follow.

Cleaning supplies:

First of all, gather your cleaning supplies. It will be distilled water, soft cloth, rubbing alcohol, soap, and leather cream. Start by creating some soap suds in a large bowl. Take a clean, soft cloth and wipe the leather couch inch by inch. Next, take some leather cream and apply it on the brown leather couch for the ultimate moisture and shine. Lastly, finish off with the rubbing alcohol so that everything stays at its place and the leather retains its moisture as it is. This process is best done every week to keep the leather intact and conditioned.

Furniture layout:

Design your floor plan very wisely. If you have a small space, it is best to have a few pieces of furniture rather than cramping more. Try to keep maximum space between the leather furniture as the aggression and rubbing of furniture will tear and make scratches in the leather. That way, even the best quality, aniline leather will wear off faster than anticipated. So try to have a declutter and save the furniture, especially the brown leather couch.

Keep an eye on the placement:

In winter, there are times when we tend to move the furniture near the heat source. It may seem normal, but remember, all leather has natural oils that will dry out quickly if kept near the radiator or a fireplace. The leather will lose its moisture and, with time, lose its shape. The same thing will happen if you keep the brown leather couch near the window under direct sunlight. So please keep it away in the center of the room or away from the windows.

Do not rub:

After the cleaning process, remember not to rub away the moisture on it. Let it dry on its own and in the natural air. If you want that to be done faster, open the windows and doors to let the air circulate. If you rub the leather couch, it will take away the moisture and will leave scratches. That will lead to wear and tear with time which you cannot repair.

Keep the pets away:

Keeping pets in the house is a regular thing, and many people usually have cats and dogs. These pets are allowed to roam freely in the house, but with a brown leather couch, the clever idea would soon turn into a disaster. All pets have nails that have outer layers as shells, and these shells are firm enough to leave scratches wherever they go. So either keep your pet away from the couch or throw a couch cover of a dense fabric that can protect the couch from these abrades.

Look for professional help:

If you need to repair the brown leather couch, take it to leather care experts or a cobbler. They deal with leather items all the time, so they have an idea of what to do. Never try DIY techniques as they might damage further. Always take professional help as the defacement would be irreversible.

Use cleaning agents:

There is a variety of cleaning agents available on the shelves of all superstores, so the question is which one to buy? Keep in mind that all cleaning agents might not turn out good for the leather furniture, so pick up the one which clearly states that it is made for the leather furniture. You can buy leather conditioners and other agents from the same company. Furthermore, remember to test a patch, preferably on the backside, first to see if the product works and gives no harm.

Know the leather:

The brown leather couch you buy doesn’t need to be of high quality. Some are meant to look as lived in and give a rugged look. If you have that family of leather, then do not rub to sort out the creases. These types of leather are dyed and waxed by hand to be expensive; hence rubbing them is not a good idea. Besides, if it shows signs of a rich patina, it will give a vibe of a defined class and richness.


Taking care of the leather takes time, but if you are a homely person, you know how to do the task. Try to create a cleaning schedule and see the results soon. With that, if you have a brown leather couch at home or anywhere else, be sure that it will last longer only if you care for it. You will be proud of your one-time investment and will be relieved for almost more than twenty years if you maintain the brown leather couch by following the discussed tips.