People who are living in tropical areas may often have to face the possibility of hurricanes and storms unexpectedly and therefore, you need to think of certain arrangement for protecting your home.

You can find many different kinds of roll down hurricane shutters available in the market as mentioned below:

  1. Automatic roll-down type hurricane shutters
  2. Accordion hurricane shutters
  3. Bahama hurricane shutters
  4. Colonial hurricane shutters
  5. Storm-panel hurricane shutters
  6. High-tech fabric panels
  7. Plywood shutters

These roll-down hurricane shutters are quite useful for people living in such areas and following are their benefits and few drawbacks too.


Following are few benefits of roll-down hurricane shutters.

  • Offers protection to your home

For people who are living in coastal areas will find these shutters very useful as it will automatically shut down if the storm or hurricane take place suddenly and can protect home.

  • Dual purpose

Mostly these hurricane shutters are so designed that it can protect your windows from any damages caused by very high winds.

Besides that, these shutters can be used for reducing the sunlight and heat which may enter your home. Also, you can always pull them down when you are planning to remain away from your home for extended periods.

  • Strength and durability

Usually, most of the homeowners rely on a plywood for protecting their home and windows during hurricane. Though this can provide some amount of protection, but it is far from strongest option.

Having a roll-down hurricane shutters, there is nothing to worry about as they are designed for withstanding even any strongest winds.

  • Convenience

Most of the cases, people do not have time to prepare their home for severe storm. Actually, you may have only few hours to get all in order.

These roll-down type hurricane shutters are very easy to use, because most advanced options will operate from wall switch or any hand held remote.

  • No need to do setting up during storm

As they function automatically and therefore you need not do any setting up when storm is at the corner. Even if you are not present at your home, it will always protect homes from such natural calamities.


Following are few drawbacks too.

  • Expensive

These roll-down shutters can be little too expensive.

  • Battery may get discharged

Few of them run with batteries and therefore you need to ensure that its battery is charged otherwise it may not work at all.

  • Vulnerable to break

If you are bit careless then it can break too.