If your windows and doors won’t open or close, your first task is to figure out the cause. The age of your home and the type of windows you have will help determine what problems are likely to arise and what solutions you should consider. For example, older homes with wood-frame windows may simply have loose or broken pieces of hardware that can be easily replaced.

If the problem is beyond your capability to fix, then it is time to call a pro. Professional window repair people can often fix just about anything that needs fixing on your windows. And if they cannot fix it, then it’s likely time for replacement windows anyway.

Windows and doors won’t open or close is a common problem. A typical example is the window of your home that you want to open to let an air conditioner in, but it won’t open without considerable force. The problem is that the frame of the window doesn’t quite reach the edge of the frame around the window’s perimeter, so if you try to force it open, you break off some of the frame and leave a large gap all around. The result is that, even when you apply a large amount of force, you can’t force the window to open all the way.

But what do you do when this happens? In this situation we have many options:

·      Check the house’ exterior

The first thing to do is check the house’s exterior. When a window won’t open, it’s sometimes caused by water and debris that have blown into the track. This makes the windows stick and sometimes won’t let them close all the way.

You can try to clear out the track manually but you also want to make sure no other parts are damaged from the debris. While you’re checking this, look for any other damage that may be causing your window to stick.

If you can’t get it fixed yourself, call a professional. A home service company can come out and fix this problem for you on a schedule that works for you!

·      Inspect your Window

When a window won’t open or close, it can be frustrating. The first thing you should do is thoroughly inspect the window, starting with the hinges. If they are loose, tighten them.

·      Lubricate the track or hinge with a dry silicon spray

Sometimes the problem can be as simple as lubricating the hinge or track with a dry silicone spray. You can also use a thicker oil like WD-40. If your window still won’t open or close after this, try adjusting the balance shoe or replace it completely.

If your window is double hung, you may want to check the tilt latches and make sure they aren’t stuck too.

·      Clean and lubricate the pulley

If a window becomes difficult to open, the most likely cause is a stuck pulley. Sometimes this can be remedied by simply cleaning the pulley and lubricating it with a little machine oil. If that doesn’t help, you may have to replace the pulley.

·      Clean the channel

For a window that won’t close, try cleaning the channel in which the sash slides. Use a small stiff brush for this task and then lubricate the channel with machine oil or powdered graphite. You might also try tightening the screws on the slide lock mechanism or replacing them if they’ve become stripped or broken.

·      Remove old paints

Remove any old paint from the tracks by scraping with a utility knife if you’re working on an older house, or sanding with fine-grit sandpaper if your home was built more recently. Note that newer windows are often painted only on the exterior side of the frame; older windows are usually painted on all sides.


If you are having trouble with your windows and doors, check out a few of the tips and tricks mentioned above. If they do not work, you might have a bigger problem on your hands that requires professional help. Fortunately, there are plenty of professionals that will repair your windows and doors.