Faucet malfunctions are common reasons many homeowners contact their plumbers. These homeowners do not know the effects of a faulty faucet until the damage becomes significant. A leaky faucet can cost thousands of dollars, and you should consider hiring a plumber before it escalates.

Below we discuss the benefits of fixing your leaky faucet.

  • Prevents Unwanted Water Bills

People dealing with faucet repairs have probably noticed an increase in their utility bills. A leaky faucet is constantly dripping, making your household consume water that is not in use. This leaky faucet will increase your water bills significantly, and it will help to get timely repairs done.

A faucet checkup practice will also detect other plumbing faults, preventing them from escalating later. Arranging for these checkups saves you money by preventing unwanted water bills.

  • Minimizes Annoyance and Inconvenience

Malfunctioning faucets can cause inconveniences in different ways. A leaking faucet makes dripping sounds often, affecting your household’s members. Faucet issues also make it hard o utilize your sink for basic tasks like handwashing.

Getting a faucet repair keeps your household members happy and satisfied always. Also, a faucet issue might make you stressed out, especially if you detect it in advanced stages. Having a professional plumbing service handle this job on your behalf will give you peace of mind since they leave the unit in good condition.

  • Increases Your Home’s Value

Most homebuyers pay close detail to a home’s plumbing system when evaluating the property. A leaky faucet signifies a lousy plumbing system to the buyer, lowering their buying chances. Malfunctioning faucets also indicate a home is old, and you should repair them in time to avoid this.

  • It Is Cost-Effective

Almost everything has gone up today due to the high cost of living. A leaky faucet increases your water bills, and you can only solve that by having frequent maintenance practices. This is an effective way to prevent more significant issues later.

Repairing leaky faucets is also eco-friendly because you will save water.

Causes of Leaky Faucets

Several things cause faulty faucets. The dripping sound is annoying to homeowners and accumulates to high water bills. Below we discuss the leading causes of a defective faucet.

  • Corroded valve- Leaks coming from the spout indicate a valve seat issue. Remember, the valve seat connects the spout and valve. An accumulation of water sediments corrodes the seat, causing leaks. However, it is possible to avoid this by cleaning this seat regularly.
  • Worn-out washers– Another popular spout leakage cause is a worn-out washer. Friction between these parts might cause the washer to wear out with time. Remember, faucet leaks might also occur if you install the washer inappropriately, mainly in compression faucets.
  • Loose parts– These are other causes of leaky faucets. The packing nuts and adjustment rings can become loose with time, making the sink handle to leak. It is possible to repair it by tightening the nut.

Final Thoughts

Faucet leaks are common in many households and have many disadvantages. The above article has discussed how to address these issues, but you should consult a plumber first.