In Australia, June July and August are the cooler months and this is traditionally a time for any garden revamps, in preparation for the coming spring and summer. While you might not spend much time in your outdoor living space in the winter, there are a few jobs you can do, and with that in mind, here are a few things you can do while the winter is here.

  • Tree Pruning – The best time to shape your trees is the winter, and with an online search, you can find affordable tree lopping in Fremantle from a local arborist. This is also the time to remove any deadwood and if you are not confident with pruning, call in your local arborist and he can demonstrate how to prune and shape your trees. Keep your eyes open for any signs of disease, checking the bark, leaves and branches, and if you see anything unusual, search online for information.
  • Deck Maintenance – If you have timber decking, re-staining is a good idea and don’t forget to add a couple of coats of varnish, for added protection. If you have natural stone pavers, hire a jet power wash machine and clean the entire platform. You could also wash the driveway and paths, indeed, this versatile machine will restore most surfaces, so hiring one for the weekend is advised.
  • Feeding the Lawn – Buy some good lawn fertiliser and apply as instructed for a lush green effect, and leave the grass at least 2 inches high for the winter period. If the soil is clay-like, you can aerate the lawn with a pitch fork, which allows water to enter, thus improving the drainage. Some homeowners don’t cut the grass during the winter, as growth is minimal, and by monitoring the lawn, you will see if there are issues.
  • Flower Beds – Some people prefer to use coconut husks to cover the soil, which prevents weeds growing, and this is the time to weed your flower beds, while planting is also advised in the cooler months. If you would like to see a selection of shrubs and flowers that are suitable for your location, simply Google and you will have a list you can browse, along with information about each.

If you carry out the garden maintenance in the winter, everything is ready for the coming spring and summer, when you and your family reap the rewards in your well-tended garden.