If your garden or lawn looks lacklustre then you need to spread compost on your lawn and with this, you can obtain a number of benefits not only for your lawn, but also for your potted plants too.

By using épandeur à compost (English meaning is compost spreader) you can properly use compost in your lawn. Following are few reasons for spreading compost on your lawn:

  • Generally, compost will contain micro-organisms which can fight against pests and diseases.
  • Compost contains necessary nutrients that your lawn or potted plants will need
  • Compost is most affordable way for getting good results.

Few things to remember

Compost quality may vary if you buy a bag, or you pick it up from any municipality leaf dump or you get it delivered in your yard. So, how will you really know whether your compost is a good one?

You may consider following few questions:

  1. Whether is it at its finished stage?
  2. Whether it contains unwanted ingredients like dyes or any building material?
  3. Whether there are viable weed seeds present in the material?
  4. Finally, could it have any pesticide residues?

Both the parent materials as well as the composting process will affect quality of your final product.

Seal of Testing Assurance which is the only recognized test accepted nationally and STA will look at 14 different compost characteristics, which includes organic matter, pH, salts, metals, major nutrients, pathogens, stability, and maturity.

Compost spreading and tips for aeration

The best time for top-dressing and aerating your grass turf will be when it is in the stage of most active growth.

Aeration after all means that you are going to puncture holes in the grass, and also its ability to rebound/repair will be improved while it will grow strongly.

As per the climate of the UK, the best time for aerating is between spring season and early summer season. The grass will become dormant if done earlier and later the summer heat will stress the roots.

If I do not have my own compost?

Often people think that composting will mean having full-time dedication in putting food and other garden waste into the bin all throughout the year, but to enjoy the actual benefits of compost, it is not necessary to make of your own.

Natural peat or mulch-free soil-improving compost can be an affordable way of rejuvenating your lawn turf and not by spending a fortune, which is available whenever you need it.