If you have right kind of fire pit, then you can always be comfortable if you have guests to enjoy a party in your backyard. Therefore, you must have right backyard fire pit designers to choose for the fire pit.

If you have right kind of fire pit, then you can always stay comfortable before you start calling all your loved ones.

Fire tables

If you look at this fire pit table then you will find it very similar to any outdoor coffee table, and also it has a campfire in the middle. All the tables can always be elevated on their legs, and like any regular tables, they are available in many different kinds of styles.

On flat surface of the surrounding of the pit, you can always place all the drinks and other snacks. However, one thing that you must remember is that you should not put them in such a way that they are too close to each other.

Often tables can be much larger as compared to other styles of fire pits.  Usually, they are not so easy to move, however to kick up your feet, they can be perfect choice for you.

Fire bowls

These fire bowls types of tables are available in many different ranges of size. In this fire bowls, instead of having any table surface surrounding your pit, this kind of style will have a large container, which is going to hold the logs meant for wood-burning of the fire pits.

Also, in few cases there can be glass beads, which is meant for gas-powered kind of fire pits. For helping the heat to dissipate, it can always be elevated on the legs, or it may sit directly on ground.

Based on the size that you select bowls are portable and also easier to clean.

Fire rings

Consider for fire ring, if you want to get a look of fire pit but really you want something which will feel more like any traditional campfire. Typically, they are made out of metal, shorter in height as compared to tables, hence it can be moved easily.

These round pits rests directly on the ground. They are available with or without bottom bowls. If without the bowl, then fire rings will be meant for containing campfire which you build on ground directly.

They will not allow fire to spread, and also protect you from accidental access by pets and kids