Designing your kitchen? quartz countertop is essential for your new kitchen, With all the many types of countertops available out there, choosing the right material for your kitchen can be tricky, so all you need yo visit the showroom of Lakeside Surfaces to choose the best quartz countertop in Michigan for your kitchen.

Read on to learn more about quartz countertops:

They are Not Hot-Pan-Friendly

While quartz countertops are quite durable and considered heat-resistant, the material can damage when you put a hot pan right on the surface.

They are Not Solid Quartz

In the majority of quartz countertops, there is a certain amount of quartz present; however, they do not include solid quartz extracted from quarries. These man-made countertops are a blend of ground up quartz ground down and blended with a resin or polymer binder. A bit of pigment is thrown in for pattern and color.

They are Not Ideal for DIYers

If you are a handyman, you might be thinking about installing a butcher block for laminate countertops on your own.  Meanwhile, quartz countertops are a different material. The majority of companies deal only with a certified installer, thus, it might be difficult to get your hands on a slab. But, even if you do, quartz countertops are heavy and require a wet saw with a diamond blade to cut.

They can Chip

Quartz countertops are durable; however, no material is 100% perfect. Some people reported their countertops chip on occasion. As with the majority of countertops, edges are the most vulnerable, especially around skins where they can get banged by heavy pots and pans.

Their Sizes are Limited

Quartz countertops are just as big as the machines that produce them, and some limitations apply. On average, they are available in 56″ x 120″ slabs, though some manufacturers are now making extra large sizes like 63″ x 130.”

They are Available in Many Finishes

Some people say that quartz is ultra-sleek or too modern, leaving kitchens feeling cold. But, you can combat the sterility by forgoing the polished finish. Manufacturers are not offering matte, suede, and honed finishes that tend to have a softer, less glossy look. Also, you can find versions that mimic other textured substances such as concrete, volcanic, and leather.

Remnants can Save you Money

Quartz countertops are expensive; however, you can save money by searching for remnants. Because they are made in slabs, it is worth checking your local stone yard for any piece you can find.